Our Equipment

Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps:

Elevate your laboratory's fluid handling precision with IAS-Oman's Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps. These pumps are meticulously designed to ensure reliable and efficient transfer of fluids in various
laboratory applications. Engineered with advanced diaphragm technology, they provide consistent and precise control over fluid flow. Whether you are working with delicate samples or require high-throughput fluid transfer, our Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps deliver the accuracy and reliability your experiments demand. Trust in IAS-Oman to provide cutting-edge equipment that enhances the fluid dynamics of your laboratory processes.


Particle Size Analyzers:

Unlock the secrets of material composition with IAS-Oman's Particle Size Analyzers. These sophisticated instruments empower researchers and scientists to delve deep into the intricacies of particle dimensions, enabling a comprehensive understanding of material properties. With advanced technology and precise measurement capabilities, our Particle Size Analyzers offer accurate and reliable results across a wide range of sample types. Whether for quality control in manufacturing or detailed research in academic settings, these analyzers are indispensable tools for any laboratory seeking to characterize and optimize materials with precision.


Universal Testing Machines:

Dive into thorough material analysis with IAS-Oman's Universal Testing Machines. These state-of-the-art devices are designed to assess the mechanical properties of a wide array of materials. From tensile strength and compression to flexural properties, our Universal Testing Machines provide versatile and
comprehensive testing capabilities. Tailored for diverse applications, these machines ensure accurate and reliable data, empowering researchers and engineers in their material development and quality control endeavors. Trust IAS-Oman to deliver cutting-edge equipment that plays a crucial role in understanding and optimizing the mechanical behavior of materials in your laboratory.


Flash Point Apparatus:

Prioritize safety in your laboratory with IAS-Oman's Flash Point Apparatus. This advanced equipment is essential for determining the flash point of substances, a critical parameter for assessing flammability.
Offering a safe and precise method for flash point testing, our apparatus is invaluable for industries involved in the processing, storage, and transportation of potentially hazardous materials. Comply with safety regulations and ensure the well-being of your laboratory personnel with IAS-Oman's Flash Point Apparatus, a reliable tool that contributes to the overall safety and risk management of your operations.


Microwave Digestion System:

Revolutionize your sample preparation processes with IAS-Oman's Microwave Digestion System. With

over four decades of experience, we bring you a sophisticated solution for efficient and reliable digestion of samples. Our system leverages advanced instrument and vessel concepts, state-of-the-art sensor technology, and the highest safety standards to simplify and enhance microwave digestion. Whether you are analyzing environmental samples, food, or other materials, our Microwave Digestion System ensures a streamlined and effective sample preparation workflow. Trust IAS-Oman to provide cutting-edge technology that meets the demands of modern laboratories, ensuring precise and efficient sample digestion for a wide range of applications.


Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS):

Gain real-time insights into environmental air quality with IAS-Oman's Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS). This comprehensive monitoring solution is designed for government authorities, researchers, industries, and individuals seeking accurate and timely data on air quality.
Equipped with advanced sensors and analyzers, our AAQMS collects air samples to measure specific concentrations of particles and gases. Tailor your monitoring approach based on factors such as the size and location of the monitoring area, budget considerations, and the need for indicative or reference-grade measurements. Trust IAS-Oman to provide a versatile and reliable solution for ambient air quality monitoring, contributing to informed decision-making in environmental assessments and management.